About Nicks Boots

Nick Blahcuzyn lived the American Dream when he established Nick's Custom Boots in Spokane, Washington in 1964. Nick was a Russian who escaped from Stalin's army during World War II. He immigrated to the United States after the war and made his way to Washington State where he mastered his skills as a boot craftsman from a famous Northwest boot maker.

Since the days of Blahcuzyn until today, Nick's Boots has focused on one thing, and one thing alone -- to hand-build top quality boots using only premium leathers, and time-tested, century-old craftsmanship techniques passed on from generation to generation. As thousands of our customers can attest, once you've tried a pair of hand-made Nick's Boots, you'll never go back to mass-produced footwear again.

The handmade boot world is a niche. To a boot maker, this means building one pair of boots for one individual, and that individual becomes your customer for life . . . provided your quality and the integrity of your workmanship is there. We're marketing last century's technology, the craftsmanship of a century ago.

Originally, starting with a 1 to 2 man crew, Nick's now employs over eighteen craftsmen with customers in the thousands located throughout the United States and with the advent of the World Wide Web, the world.

Growth was and still is promoted by word of mouth. By utilizing national magazine advertising campaigns, local radio, television and recently by use of the internet, Nick's continues to grow. While maintaining a firm commitment to high quality and customer service, at Nick's, we stand behind our boots, because you're standing in them.

Nick's maintains a computerized and a written record of all purchases and repairs to assist in future orders. The number of styles we offer has grown steadily over the years branching out into almost all industries. Please contact at nick@nicksboots.com or call us toll free at 800-824-2685 if you should have any questions.

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